Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been a summer

I've not posted anything on here in the last few weeks due to apathy caused by a creeping ennui, feeling like I had nothing interesting to report on. Thinking back though, there's actually been some cool stuff going on so I thought I'd give a quick summary of how August went.

After getting back from India, it started to sink in a bit more that I'm not just on holiday in Singapore; probably due to going on holiday FROM Singapore. I also booked my flights back to England for Christmas so that should confuse my brain even more about where I live (I'll be back between 17th December and 4th January). I guess the price for being a 'global citizen' is that actually you don't feel like a citizen of anywhere in particular. Especially since my British passport is currently sat in a processing centre in Hong Kong!

August seemed to be a good month for visiting museums since me and Lyn went to the Art & Science Museum, the Art Museum, and National Museum (twice). One day when I'm feeling the rare mixture of boredom and enthusiasm I plan to put up some photos and things from the museums since there's some pretty interesting stuff. Especially in the Dali exhibit at the Art & Science museum. One important point to note though is that in these museums there were NO PEOPLE. Hopefully this doesn't reflect a lack of cultural interest here, maybe there was just a Man U match on TV on those days.

Trying to cook for the first time in 6 months was a mixed success: A cake that looked great but imploded into a blueberry-soaked mess upon removal from the baking tin, a batch of macarons which varied wildly in size and shape, and butterless eggs benedict which had an unusual olive oily aftertaste. In general, the things either looked great, or tasted great....but never both at the same time. I never could get my head around dualism. Perhaps next time I need to make 2 batches of everything. One inedible but handsome batch to look at while I eat the ugly one that tastes right.

August was also Lyn's birthday, Singapore's first presidential election for 18 years (Tony Tan beat 3 other guys named Tan in a slightly farcical race which reminded me how much I despise rolling news), national day, Hari Raya Puasa, hungry ghost festival, and my last month before moving departments at work. Meaning lots of extra holidays and excuses to go for big dinners and high tea buffets. Which is why August is also the month in which I realised I've officially gotten a bit fat, which isn't too bad since it's also the month I started to seriously step up my marathon training. On that note, anyone with google earth should be able to click here to download the last run I did in google earth; a fairly slow, and incredibly sweaty, 23km through the rainforest.

What the hell happened in Europe in August? Seems in England some people forgot that stealing trainers and mobile phones is not a political statement, and every other country is going bankrupt.