Friday, May 20, 2011

Mad dogs and Englishmen

I think I may have just struck upon a survival strategy for coping with the heat here. Have a light siesta from noon until around 10pm.
It's kind of funny that since I started night shifts last week, I think I've slept more than I ever have in my entire life. For example, my schedule since Tuesday night has been:

At 11pm, me and Lyn's brother, Kian, left Lyn and her friend Judy at the airport for them to pursue an arguably more extreme strategy of escaping the heat of flying to Paris for 2 weeks (although it seems to be unseasonably warm there right now). I'm sure they'll be having a great time, although I fear for Judy's mental health since Lyn never gets tired of winding her up and stressing her out.

I then had what might be considered a long sleep from 2am until 1pm. Not satisfied with 13 hours, after breakfast I slept again until 5pm. Worked from 8-8. Got back from work around 9am on Thursday and slept until 5:30pm. Worked 8-8 again then went for Indian breakfast with people from work. All of us looking in a terrible state and falling asleep on the train on the way home. Got back around 11, and after walking the stupid dog (look at his face and tell me he doesn't look stupid), slept for a good 10 hours until Kian woke me up (probably to see if I was still alive).

The only downside to this is now I have 3 days off before my next shift and I seem to be back on UK time. I guess I'll just have to be one of those crazy people wandering around the supermarkets at 3am with a papaya in one hand, a toaster in the other, and a confused, vacant expression on my face.

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