Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hamsterman at the bird park

After getting home from a gruelling day at the hamster factory and washing the ovary cells off my legs, I thought it was time to reflect on the potential for comic-book-style disasters in my line of work. Perhaps I should be on the lookout for any dense hair growth on my legs, sharpening of my teeth, or anything else to suggest I might be turning into 'Hamsterman'. I know doing night shifts has already left me with a food storage and hibernation instinct. And my beard has been particularly bushy lately.
A trip to the bird park showed that I've already become inexplicably attractive to other animals. Although I think hamsters probably aren't the normal prey of Lorikeets (although that green one climbing up my back looks tempted to try).

Luckily I'm finished night shifts now so can return to the land of the living. Although 2 months prowling around in the witching hours have obviously left their mark. The indisputable video evidence below demonstrates that I now have the wizard powers to match my wizard beard (although my ability to rotate videos is lacking). Perhaps I could start work on my own film franchise since Harry Potter is now over and they have surely exhausted all possible comic-book adaptations. Look out for Kung Fu Hamster, summer 2012 blockbuster.

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