Saturday, April 16, 2011


I will accept cheques and postal orders as thanks for bringing the weather here with me. I joked when I got here that it was glorious sunshine and hadn't rained for a week, but that the weather wouldn't take long to catch up with me. Every day since has had a thunderstorm. If I wasn't currently reading Paranormality by Richard Wiseman (on my new Kindle, thanks R305), I might be tempted to think I have some kind of X-men-style psychic weather-control power; or at least possess prescient sarcasm. Can't complain too much though since it keeps the temperature down and stops me getting an even worse t-shirt sun tan; which would actually make the back of my neck look like the Singapore flag. And I gather the weather has picked up considerably in England since I left...I'm sure the same thing happened the last time I left the country as well...maybe I should get Richard Wiseman's email address...

As an 8-days-in update, I can say things seem to be going well. I've met most of the people I'll be working with and they all seem like good craic. Managed to not miss the bus to work again, but will soon get a reputation as the weird British guy at the bus stop who asks where every bus is going.
I should take a clipboard, stupid questions always seem less threatening with a clipboard. I'll cease being one of those illegal immigrants you read about in The Express when I collect my Employment Pass on Monday. Tried out our corporate gym membership today in a gym overlooking the Singapore river which is nice. And a bite from a mysterious unidentified fly which had caused my right foot to swell quite alarmingly (instant cankles) seems to have disappeared. That bite, many previous bites, and the fact that Lyn's dog has taken to licking my feet at every opportunity, suggests my feet must have some particular allure that makes them irresistible to the mouths of animals. I can add that to my list of superpowers.

Singapore's riverside architecture and a pigeon

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