Monday, April 11, 2011

so....this is what a blog looks like

I'd like to think anyone who know's me might think i'm not to type of person who reads blogs (true) or would write a blog (we'll see). The idea of people thinking the minutiae of their wacky lives being worth publishing and necessary to the public consciousness seems arrogant at best. HOWEVER, I appreciate the irony of a trivial blog post wining about trivial blog posts, but without self perpetuating contradictions, where would we be? And at least I'm not tweeting about it.

Anyway... I just recently made a slight relocation from North-East England to South-East Asia and thought it might be cathartic to have somewhere to vent my culture shock, and to have something for family and friends to see how I'm getting on without having to wade into the mire of facebook. All I can promise is that updates will be infrequent, and there's a small chance they might contain sarcasm.

Marina Bay after mocktails and cocktails at Harry's bar.

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